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No more power bill! Get Solar & Save.

Living in today’s climate is expensive and now with a new error of uncertainty, many are thinking long term and making the switch to Solar. One of the few things we get for free is light and heat from the Sun.

It’s natural that we should try and capture and convert the Sun’s free gift into our energy needs.

We do this by soaking up the Sun’s rays in our solar panels and converting them into electricity which can be fed into our homes.

Australian Building Services specialize in both Grid Connect and Off Grid Stand Alone Hybrid systems.

Our Solar Power Team Evaluate Your Needs, Develop Your Individual Design & Work Efficiently & Cautiously To Install Will Minimal Disruption To Your Business.

Aside from the obvious money saving benefits of solar power, as a business that is running on solar you are now seen as a business who cares.

Solar Power Specialists. New Installs & Solar Upgrades + Batteries.

Investing in solar power saves you money for the long term. With the option to have your own power bank and not be connected to the main power grid, solar power gives you an environmentally friendly option that can see you supplying your own electricity to your home or apartment building, even on cloudy days.

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